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The Tweed River Sand Bypassing Project (TRESBP) provides an engaging coastal management case study on both a national and international scale. Every year the Sand Bypassing Facility, run by the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Company (TRESBCo) at Letitia Spit receives several visits from high school students who are using the project as a case study to learn about the coastal environment. In addition, the project also regularly receives email from both high school and university students requesting information on different aspects of the project for their studies.

In an effort to assist with providing resource material primarily for secondary Geography and Marine Science students, the TRESBP has developed a Schools Information Package.

The first part of the package consists of two Fact Sheets; the first is titled What is TRESBP? and the second is titled How Tweed Sand Bypassing Works. These Fact Sheets are are for interested members of the public who are seeking some easily accessible information about the project, and are not necessarily for those who are engaged in secondary or tertiary education.

The second part of the package is a coastal management case study which provides a number of worksheets on different aspects of the project and is aimed at year 10 Geography students. The subject of these Fact Sheets includes Geographical Processes, Perceptions, Responses, Management and Decision Making and Sustainable Approaches and the Community.

The third part of the package provides a "Note to Teachers" and a series of case study worksheets. The worksheets are linked to the fact sheets and case studies and include a Review of TRESBP, Maps and Map Work, Geographical Processes, and Perceptions and Management TRESBP Research Report.

The Schools Information Package was developed in consultation with both NSW and Qld curriculum specialists as well as practicing high school geography teachers. The package does not form an official part of the NSW or Qld secondary Curriculum in any way and is resource material provided to assist teachers in using TRESBP as a coastal management cases study only. The project hopes that the information provided is useful and welcomes your comment or feedback at:

N.B. The Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project is also the primary case study in the chapter 'Marine Environments', that makes up the recently published 'Geography for the Australian Curriculum 10' This text book was published by Cambridge University Press in January 2014 and is available for purchase here.

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