Project Video

An overview of sand bypassing operations at the Tweed River/southern Gold Coast

This video outlines the historical coastal management issues of the Tweed River Entrance and southern Gold Coast beaches, and the operation of the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project.

The documentary explains how the sand bypassing jetty at Letitia Spit and floating dredge make up the ongoing sand bypassing system:

  • The way in which the sand bypassing jetty captures sand moving along the ocean floor, and transports this sand through pipes under the Tweed River to the main outlet at East Snapper Rocks, and
  • The occasional use of the floating dredge to remove sand that may have settled in the river entrance over time and place it offshore of the project beaches.

The video details the dangerous nature of the Tweed River Entrance bar through the use of historical photographs. Archive video footage is also used to show the impact of the series of storms which hit the southern gold coast beaches in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, particularly at Coolangatta and Kirra beaches, and were responsible for damaging foreshore infrastructure and threatening coastal development.

A sequence of historical photographs is used to show how the beaches of the southern gold coast have always naturally fluctuated, building up and eroding in cycles. The large volumes of sand transported through the system in the early years of operation were necessary to remove sand from the river bar and to nourish the severely eroded beaches. However, with the natural flow of sand now restored, beach widths will continue to fluctuate as they did in the past before the training walls were extended, depending on the prevailing meteorology and the occurrence of storms.

The video also gives further information on project operations, including the monitoring strategies and community consultation, contractual and funding arrangements. Aerial video footage is used to describe how the bypassing project has improved tweed river entrance navigability and ensured that the beaches of the southern Gold Coast are replenished with sand and protected against future storm events.