Sand delivery

Sand is delivered by a combination of dredging (since 1995) and pumping using the fixed bypass system (since March 2001). Dredging and pumping quantities can be found in the tables below.


Current pumping locations are displayed on our App.   Additional information is also available on the use of various sand delivery outlets.

Sand pumped in August 2021 32,153 m3
Sand pumped this year (to end of August 2021) 227,649 m3
Sand pumped in 2020 (January to December 2020) 427,031 m3
Pipeline map
Pipeline and pump discharge outlets

Duranbah pumping


Dredging of the Tweed River Entrance Is being undertaken in August 2021

Sand dredged in August 2021 53,116 m3
Sand dredged this year (to end of August 2021) 53,116 m3
Sand dredged in 2020 (January to December 2020) 110,178 m3