TSB Transition Project

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Tweed Sand Bypassing has been part of the Tweed and Southern Gold Coast community for nearly twenty years. It was created for the community, to ensure safe boating access to the Tweed River, and to restore and maintain the natural supply of sand to the southern Gold Coast beaches for all to enjoy.

In September 2024, the Concession Agreement (the contract between the Governments and the Operator) will expire. To assist in developing a new operating model, TSB has established the “TSB Transition Project”.

It’s an exciting time, as the Transition Project provides a unique opportunity to improve how TSB functions. This will happen through detailed analysis of how well the current system has performed since TSB commenced, and by exploring all of the potential governance and operating models.

While there is still some time before the current operating system expires, there’s lots of work to do – so it’s important that the transition process is underway. The TSB Transition project commenced in 2019 and will be carried out in four different phases.

Phase 1 started in early 2019 and is reviewing and assessing past and current Tweed Sand Bypassing operations. This is an extensive task and involves detailed investigations into the following aspects of TSB;

  • Assessment of the Tweed Sand Bypassing Objectives
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Social and Economic Impact Study
  • Governance and contract framework review
  • Infrastructure + Asset Management
  • Operations
  • Environmental Review
  • Finance

Phase 2 will identify and evaluate new system governance and operating options.

Phase 3 will prepare for the implementation of the new system

Phase 4 will be implementation of the new system.

As part of Phase 1, Tweed Sand Bypassing has recently carried out detailed community consultation. This process has now been completed. Many thanks to those who completed our online survey or took the time to be interviewed by our staff on the round. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Raw results of the survey.